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B1Bazaar, built on top of SAP Business One, is an all-round ERP solution made specifically for the retail industry. Manage inventory and other essential retail processes with ease and streamline your business like never before. Optimized for all kinds of retail businesses, it can manage a single store as well as chains of stores & supermarkets.

Point of Sale

B1Bazaar is a complete Point of Sale solution that lets you manage inventory, customize menu & prices, manage staff & customers, generate sales report etc. with relative ease. It’s for both, online as well as offline retail stores, making it the perfect ERP solution for your retail business.

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Store Management

B1Bazaar simplifies day-to-day store management & makes it efficient. Not only can you manage stocks with ease, you also improve the sale process as a whole resulting in a pleasant customer experience. The software is easy to understand and can be used by all of your employees after basic training.


CRM is a breeze in B1Bazaar. You can appreciate your loyal consumers by offering them loyalty points & reminding them of the same. You can also send them greetings from time-to-time & inform them about new promotions & schemes through messaging channels from the software, resulting in excellent CRM.


Powerful analytics and reporting tools let you access the latest & pin point accurate analytics at any given time. These analytics become give you actionable intelligence required to grow & outperform the competition.

SAP Business One

SAP Business One is the most comprehensive ERP solution for MSMEs across the industries. It offers unrivalled functionality for CRM, Sales, Purchase, Finance, & Manufacturing. With B1Bazaar, it transforms the best ERP solution to the Perfect ERP solution for the Retail Industry.

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