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What is an ERP Solution?

ERP, an abbreviation for Enterprise Resource Planning, is software that organizations, micro, small, medium and large use to streamline and manage their businesses. An ERP solution helps businesses run their day-to-day operations smoothly and productively.

It is integrated with all core business processes such as Services, Manufacturing, Sales, Finance, Customer Relations, Purchasing & Inventory, and more. It also helps in intelligent automation, manages and stores vital business data, provides critical analytics and provides users with instant access to the said data, irrespective of time, place, & device.

ERP solutions are the best to centralize all essential and peripheral business processes and gain a comprehensive view of your entire business. As mentioned earlier, they are available for even organisations that are at a micro and small level to the big wigs of the industry.

But an ERP isn’t a simple plug-and-play solution. You need to get it integrated with your business.

What is ERP Integration?

An ERP needs to be integrated with your business processes in order to unleash its full potential. And that’s what ERP integration is – the process of connecting and synchronizing your chosen ERP solution with your business processes and applications. It unifies all the different spheres of your business and provides a unified database, resulting in an experience that is streamlined.

ERP integration is especially beneficial for e-commerce and web-based businesses that primarily run online. ERP software integrated and connected with e-commerce businesses can help record, track, and analyse crucial data in real-time from a single unified source. One of the most profound benefits of ERP integration is increased accuracy and reduced manual labour.

Plus, the unification of all data in one place also eliminates the need of maintaining it on multiple different systems and software.

Why is ERP Integration important?

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ERP solution is a single package that connects and supports the various functions of your business. This is especially ideal for e-commerce businesses that deal with multiple web platforms and applications at once. Integrating your business with an ERP solution eliminates the problem of scattered data and reduces the chances of errors and mismatches.


Then there is automation. It is one of the primary purposes of an ERP solution. Automation not brings efficiency to the business and enhances your visibility of it to give you a competitive edge over peers. Plus, it also helps reduce manual errors and hours on redundant tasks, leaving you with extra manpower to be applied to other pressing areas of concern.

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ERP solutions today are well-equipped to grow with your business. That is often not the case when you’re using individual business management software. Usually, a growing business needs to replace its old systems simply due to the fact that the old one wasn’t able to keep up with it. That’s not the case with ERP solutions. They grow along with your business, leaving you to solely do what you do best, run your business.


ERP solutions today not only help manage the business but also provide critical data analysis and reports. They grant you a comprehensive overview of your enterprise and show the real-time data performance data of your business as well as future forecasts. It lets you generate critical reports of real-time data that help in taking business decisions that set you on the path to uninterrupted growth.

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What are the benefits of ERP Integration to Ecommerce Businesses?

Automation of Business Processes

Hands down one of the most prominent advantages of ERP integration. Gone are the days of siphoning data and fetching it from one device to other, from one department to other. Thanks to automation, all the data is streamlined and managed centrally without the need for any human intervention. Automation also helps in eliminating redundant processes like manual data entry, updating multiple systems, making conversions and reconciling accounts. All these processes and more are fully automated thanks to ERP integration, significantly boosting accuracy and reducing errors.

Data Centralization

Having all of your data in one accessible location continues to be a boon for businesses. Not only has it helped in improving workflows, but has also sped up the amount of time taken to access data. Now different departments of your organization can access data without having to wait or go through red tape. This helps immensely especially when time is crucial in taking business critical decisions. Business intelligence and insights thanks to data centralization are truly unmatched and one of the best benefits of ERP integration.

Enhanced Customer Experience

ERP solutions offer a host of customer relationship management (CRM) functionalities that aid in providing the best experience to your customer from start to finish. Hence it is no surprise that your consumers experience an enhanced experience when interacting with your business. ERP solutions such as SAP B1 also help you create personalized marketing strategies to ensure customer experiences that remain with the customer for a long time.

Enhanced Mobility

Your sales representatives can have a very big impact on how a consumer perceives your business. Whether it is passive or engaging. Hence, it is crucial that your sales representatives are active and informative at all times. ERP solutions certainly help with that. Thanks to data centralization, it can fetch the latest information and statuses regarding products, services or anything they require. This helps them serve the consumer better and in a quick and efficient manner. The whole process becomes fluid and enhances the mobility of your employees in handling and solving any queries and issues right from the start.

Increased Productivity and Reduced Errors

ERP software can provide an instant boost to the overall productivity of your organization. With the automation of processes such as data entry, order process times, supply chain, inventory management, order fulfilment and more, your employees are now free to focus on critical tasks that require full human attention and input. Plus, since important but tedious processes like data entry etc. are now automated, the chances of errors, duplicates and discrepancies are now significantly reduced. The same can be noticed in customer information, orders, products, inventory and various other data your business has to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

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