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Digitization and the growing popularity of the internet in business due to the plethora of advantages it offers have blurred the lines between B2B and B2C. eCommerce websites have emerged as the must-haves to thrive in this environment for B2B and B2C. A B2B website needs to have both, form and function, more than normal B2C eCommerce websites.

First of all, it needs to be functional and customizable as it is for B2B. Second, and equally important is the user interface, which a carefully crafted UI/UX design can help with. And third, it must be compatible to be integrated and automated with various business management solutions out there to truly unleash its potential.

WonderStory with their B2B eCommerce Website Development services can help you develop exactly that. An eCommerce website that is responsive, easy to use, loaded with features both front and back end and can be easily integrated with leading ERP solutions out there.

Interested? Let’s take it further.

Responsive & Mobile Design

Responsiveness and mobility are a must for today’s eCommerce websites. Without it, no matter how good your website is, the end user’s experience will always be less than pleasant. It is a fact that people use their mobile phones and tablets now more than ever to access the internet. At WonderStory we design websites that are responsive as well as mobile. This results in one of the most mobile-friendly and fantastic experiences across different platforms such as Computers, Mobiles, Tablets etc. and operating systems such as Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Speed & Security

Consumers have admitted that a slow website takes them faster away from a business than any other issue. And given the vast number of choices there are today, chances are that consumers will not return after even a single experience. Hence at WonderStory, we place a strong emphasis on the speed and security of the websites we develop. Page load times, efficient Content Delivery Networks (CDN), and premium Hosting Services are a few of the areas we focus on for the speed of eCommerce websites.

In terms of security as well, we aren’t far behind. We understand how critical business data is, be it customer or overall data. To that end, we ensure that the websites we develop are compliant with the latest PCI DSS requirements and also that they are protected additionally with SSL certificates.

Advanced & Detailed Search 

On-site search and filtering functions are essentials of a B2B eCommerce website. Hence, having extensive search and real-time filtering options are options you’ll always find in the websites we build. Advanced and detailed search and options allow your consumers to browse the website quickly and efficiently. They can apply filters with their exact criteria to find the products they’re looking for with ease. Navigation becomes a breeze and distractions are reduced to the bare minimum, resulting in an optimized consumer experience.

Dynamic Pricing Options 

Pricing is something that isn’t static in B2B. It is constantly fluctuating depending on various factors such as pre-negotiated discounts, purchase volumes, frequency of purchases, product type and, more. Hence, we ensure that the B2B eCommerce websites we make always include dynamic and multiple pricing options. This feature helps in calculating the prices of goods based on pricing rules and market changes. It also helps in forecasting the apt time to either raise the prices of products or lower them to either clear our stock or prevent losses. Plus you can also create different price lists and apply them to the desired customers, businesses or organizations.

ERP Integration Ready 

The B2B eCommerce websites that WonderStory develops are ERP Integration ready. If you are in the B2B business then you know the value of an ERP solution. B2B organizations deal in business activities such as purchasing, supply chain, inventory management, stocks, invoicing, finance, customer management and more. And there are no better solutions to manage them than ERP solutions. Our websites can easily be integrated with your ERP solution and provide a central hub for you, to manage everything in real time. Things like order synching, pricing, inventories, CRM, warehouse management etc. can all be done on the website through your ERP solution. The best part? WonderStory also provides ERP integration services. So no need to go looking for another provider as everything can be done by us.

Clean Navigation & Customization

Clean navigation is essential to an eCommerce website. It is useful in providing a uniform and effortless experience to the consumer. From an SEO point of view as well, it helps in keeping the customer engaged with your website and reduces bounce rate. Hence, when developing a B2B website, we place special emphasis on the navigation and overall user interface to make it as user-friendly and functional as possible.

Another area we emphasize is Customization. We develop the website in such a way that you can easily customize every aspect of it to your needs and liking. Customization also provides you with the flexibility to adapt to any changes in market trends. It ensures that you stay ahead of the competition and can differentiate from them at the same time.

Few Benefits of a B2B eCommerce Website

  • Comprehensive Improvement in Customer Experience.
  • Helps Reach New Markets and Buyers.
  • Increased Sales, Reduced Costs, and Faster Deliveries. 
  • Easily integrates with your ERP solution to Boost Efficiency & Productivity. 
  •  Increased Brand Awareness and Recognition. 
  •  Improved Customer Service, Relationships, and Retention.
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